Arrested Development


It’s finally here! The newest season of Arrested Development. It was an exciting process making the music with creative genius Mitch Hurwitz and his all-star team.

Thanks to the wonderful people at Varese Sarabande, the official soundtrack is finished!
Get your copy here and enjoy Dr. Fünke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family-Band Solution!.

If you happen to be a Ukulele player and would like to see how the master of musicians George Doering played it, check out this link here.

Arrested Development – Main Title Theme

Arrested Development Main Title Theme

Rub It In

Rub It In

She’s Cute

She’s Cute

Magica Do Mar


Get Along Little Sheep


Details about the show:

Arrested Development
TV series
Arrested Development is an American television sitcom created by Mitchell Hurwitz which originally aired on Fox for three seasons from November 2, 2003 to February 10, 2006. A fourth season of 15 episodes was released on Netflix on May 26, 2013.
First episode: November 2, 2003
Theme song: Arrested Development Theme Song
Program creator: Mitchell Hurwitz
Network: Fox Broadcasting Company
Writers: Mitchell Hurwitz, Jim Vallely, Jake Farrow, Brad Copeland


33 responses to “Arrested Development”

  1. Mark Breta

    David, the music for Arrested Development is brilliant! And I am diggin’ the new variations to the main theme for season 4, with the embellishments and accentuations for each character’s episode. Congratulations on another season!

    1. d.Fly


    2. cendrieR

      The variations are indeed gorgeous.

  2. You are amazing. It’s neat to hear these unedited versions of the tracks with the vocals and such. Great work on the new season. May AD live long and prosper.

  3. Tom Marsh

    Hi David,

    I love all the music you have done for arrested development. Is there anywhere to purchase it rather having to download it illegally?

    Kind regards

    1. d.Fly

      Thanks, A soundtrack is most likely in the works.

      1. Boanarrow

        Is there any chance that the soundtrack is still in the works? I know its been a couple of months. Also, know where I can find Franklin Come Alive?

        1. d.Fly

          Still in the works! We are extending songs and mixing/mastering at the moment. Thanks for waiting!

  4. Ben

    David, I love the music you’ve done on Arrested Development, but for the life of me I can’t figure out where I can buy a copy! Neither the new nor original soundtrack seem to be available. Is there a way to get them? Thank you!

  5. john

    who are the musicians credited in the theme song? Who is that bassist!!??

    1. d.Fly
    2. George Doering, Tahitian Ukulele, Hawaiian Ukulele, Finger Pop
    3. David Schwartz, Bass, Vox Organ
    4. Adam Marcello, Drums & Percussion
    5. Jim McVay, Whistler
  • Russ

    I love the Arrested Development theme…I’ve been a fan of the show since the Fox days. What was your inspiration for this one in particular? It’s so unique…yet it fits the show perfectly.

  • J. Yamada

    I was too late to see your recent Ask Me Anything on Reddit, but I wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed your music. You provided some great background on some of the songs— I take it hoarse voices from too much late night laughing were a common occurrence.

    Do you have any particular stories around the song “Still Hanging Around”? I love that song and find it irresistibly catchy.

    Thank you.

  • David! I love the music for AD. Will you ever release the song that goes, “When I’m down, so down – staring at the ground. Cause I’m blue – man, I’m blue. Every day we…..”

    I’ve searched everywhere for that song! It’s so good! Thanks for making great music!

  • B0ynamedcr0

    The song stickin around has been stuck in my head since the day I first listened to it.. Looking foreword to get the full version

  • Zach

    You would complete my life if you released a couple of tracks:

    The extended version of the End Credits theme that appears in the boat party scenes when the SEC arrives (FANTASTIC flute!)

    The guitar riff that plays about a dozen times in the season 1 finale, including each of the many times Michael “decides to leave”

    Thanks for producing such an awesome score! Here’s to hoping for many more seasons for you to work on in the future!

  • Craig Renn

    Can you put a full length mariachi instrumental of “Sound of Silence” on the soundtrack? That was one of my favorites.

  • Abdo

    Big fan of the show, and the original music is one of the things that makes it so brilliant.

    It’s great to hear you’ll be releasing a soundtrack album soon, I really hope there’s a full version of “Balls in the air” on it.

  • BigAl6ft6

    That Getaway song is one of my fav. parts of the season, absolute genius.

  • Brent

    Love all the Mark Cherry songs for the fantastic four musical! Every time I watch that episode it gets funnier and funnier. “Stomp all over your face”, “Invisible Girl” and “Fantastic 4”, all great cuts. I like how all the songs have that same synth riff to kind of make fun of Mark Cherry writes the same song over and over again. Also hilarious that the “musical” turns out to be just poor choreographed dancing to prerecorded tracks. I wonder what terribly awesome decision Tobias made to lead to that type of presentation.
    Anyways, really think all the original music on the new episodes is great. Would LOVE a soundtrack. Thanks!

  • Alex

    Hey David,

    Just wanted to say thanks for the great music, is there any chance you could upload the Fantastic 4 track? Absolutely love hearing it.

    If not ill just have to get the soundtrack to hear it.


  • De-Von

    I swear to G. If you made a full version of getaway I would totally buy that IMMEDIATELY

  • Maxime

    Hi David, great music i love everything you do seriously you made the soundtrack of my life for several years already.
    Especially your ukulele work! I just love that instrument.
    I have the Hurwitz & co. little theme as my sms ringtone and Cri Cri – metete tete (genius pick for sit down shut up) as my phone ringtone, hard to keep my poker face on in professional contexts with this one though.
    I also have the arrested development opening theme as my alarm clock to help me get up every morning and it works well.
    Do you have a link for that mix of all openings from the last episode of season 4 ? I’d love to hear it without Ron Howard’s voice, see if i can put it to use somewhere ^^

    Thanks for your work i don’t know if the show would be as funny without your sense of music. Hope to hear from you soon, in every way possible 😉

  • Josh VanValkenburg

    Hey David love the tunes, any chance you could upload the full version of Balls in the Air? your sound cloud doesn’t have the second verse, and I would love to hear the full tune!

  • Michelle Desrosiers

    The music for AD is just brilliant! It is such an important role in the show.
    Love it love it. I am hoping to see some songs from GOB and Frank (it’s not easy being brown)
    on the upcoming AD soundtrack!

  • Jordana

    Love the music in Arrested Development.

    You definitely need to post Shot By Love. <3

  • Hey David, any chance we can get that “Man, I’m Blue” song? Please! I love that song!

  • John Legge


    I have loved Arrested Development’s music for years and will continue to. Season 4 was fantastic, and the music-as with the other seasons-completely made the show.

    You’ve got a lot of fans out there! I’ll add my congratulations on more great work-and thanks for what you do!

  • Erik

    Vi David! I recently discovered the show, and I Think you have done a great Gob! (I made a pun hihi)
    I wish there were mode musicians like you!

  • Ben

    Very excited to hear a soundtrack may be in the works. I’d buy that, day 1, without hesitation.

    I’d love it to include the music playing out of GOB’s boom box when he was a stripper!

  • Mack

    Huge fan of the show and especially love your quirky score–is there any chance we can hear that bossa nova tune that plays everytime we see that shot of Buster and Lucille on the cover of “Balboa Bay Window” magazine? That’d be fantastic! Thanks for your great music!

  • Luis

    I’m shocked no one’s requested the song in the end credits of Lindsay’s “Red Hairing” episode (season 4, episode 8), the one that starts “now I respect your liberation”. It’s masterful! Do you have it around?

  • Rodolfo Gomes

    Hello David! Sorry I’m a little late, but would old songs like All You Need Is Smiles be included in a future AD Soundtrack?